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Health & Wellness

Featured Article from the 2022 Edition of the BOOM Magazine.

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Taking care of yourself should not be limited to a New Year’s resolution but rather a year-long commitment to self-care. Throughout this year, make time to focus on yourself. Start a new wellness journey, learn a new skill, or take on new challenges. After a few challenging years of uncertainty during the pandemic, making time for yourself is a necessity. Below are a few easy ways to commit to self-care this year.

Personalized Paths

Building new habits is hard work. The commitment necessary to build habits requires dedication and, often, quite a bit of time outside our comfort zones. Tackling these new commitments alone can feel daunting, and trying to make change without a plan can feel overwhelming. This year, consider consulting professionals to help you become your best self. Consult with professional coaching services to help you develop an action plan towards your goals. If personal growth is your goal, consider taking leadership or public speaking courses. These confidence-building classes can help make the process of leaving your comfort zone as simple as baby steps. If you need help getting back into shape this year, fitness apps (like Aaptiv) also help you build an exercise routine by offering guided workouts and training plans.

Learn & Grow

One of the simplest ways we can improve ourselves is through learning. Being open to new thoughts and experiences helps us better understand ourselves and the world around us. Consider reading books from a variety of perspectives or indulge in the beautiful diversity of music and film. If time constraints are a worry, perhaps seek out Podcasts or try out a service like Blinkist, which boils down famous books into easily digested 15-minute listening sessions. Let this be the year you learn something new about history or finally read (or listen) to those literary classics.

Try New Things

Commit to getting uncomfortable this year. Take a vacation to a city or country you have never visited before. Expand your culinary horizons by trying new restaurants and cuisines, or get adventurous at home by trying new recipes. Give new hobbies a whirl, like painting, rock climbing, or gardening. You never know when you might find your new passion.

Pamper Yourself

Not all self-care involves activity - sometimes, a little pampering is all you need to feel like a new person. Remember to relax when you need it and make time in your week to focus on yourself and your own needs. Unwind by relaxing in a hot bath or pamper yourself a little every day with an upgraded skincare routine. No self-care or wellness routine is complete without these moments of recharge and relaxation.


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