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Studio D Introduces A New Health Care Expert: Your Computer

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

BOOM recently asked Studio D for their insights on digital appointments. Every Studio D practitioner offers digital appointments to help you meet your health goals — even in the toughest of times.

You might be thinking, digital appointments?

How can a health practitioner deliver the same quality of care through a computer?

If that’s what you are thinking, you are not alone. At Studio D, we know that digital appointments are a new and intimidating concept for many people. However, the reality of digital appointments is that they don’t need to be scary. They open the door to endless possibilities!

In addition to the usual components that make up a typical appointment — such as movement assessments and guided techniques — digital appointments can provide the added luxury of deeper insights into your environment that simply aren’t possible in a traditional clinical setting.

This is an added benefit because, with a digital appointment, your practitioner can see your daily surroundings and provide instruction that is directly tailored to that space.

Patients also love Studio D’s digital model because it allows them the flexibility to skip the commute and see their practitioners regardless of where they are. Office set up on your dining room table? We’ll work around the chairs and children! In self-isolation at your family cabin? Let’s do a session cozied up by the fire. Wherever you are at, the digital platform allows Studio D practitioners to meet you there and work towards your goals in spaces that are relevant to you.

The Studio D practitioner team lives and breathes its vision of breaking down barriers that block access to health and wellness. Digital appointments do just that. Email

today to learn how Studio D’s digital appointment model can help you achieve your goals in a new and relevant way.

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