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Summer Skincare

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

BOOM recently interviewed TV Beauty Expert, Karen Malcolm to discuss summer skincare protection.

What are the basics of skincare protection? 

Skincare is something that we should be thinking about 12 months of the year, because the sun rays that are penetrating our skin are out year-round.

Skincare is important, and the sunscreen portion is a huge part. It's a really easy thing to include in your daily routine. You can simply add it to your morning routine and even have something that you can touch up throughout the day. It's an easy way to make it the norm for you.

Why is sun protection important?

Firstly, sun is the number one cause of increased aging, so if you are somebody who wants to slow down that process, then one of the first things that you should be doing is adding sunscreen into your daily routine.

Secondly, skin cancer is becoming more prevalent as young ages are getting skin cancer. The exposure is starting at a very young age and so for those of us who are maybe in their twenties, thirties, forties and fifties we are seeing all of the sun damage that happened in the first twenty years.

It's not too late to start taking care of your skin by wearing sunscreen every day. This will hopefully help protect you from getting skin cancer in the future. 

There are lots of great brands on the market that have sunscreen on their own, but they also have amazing skincare that will have sun protection in them as well. Some of the brands available to BOOM Members that have great sun protection include:

  • Biotherm, which has some really great products in terms of sun protection and overall skin care.

  • Kiehls has many products in their line that are great for all skin types including sensitive skin, hyper allergenic, oily skin and dry skin.

  • Lancome is another great one with a good selection

When applying skin care with sunscreen, what are some of the common mistakes you find people make in applying?

Not using clean hands. You always really want to make sure you wash your hands before you are applying any products on your face.

As well, quite often people don't actually put enough sunscreen on. You can put a little bit in the palm of your hand so you know the amount you need and then apply it.  You don't want to miss your hairline, cheek bones, or even a whole section of your face. Make sure you fully cover any skin that is exposed to sun.

To watch the full interview, click here!

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