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Choosing a Rewards Program

The most effective and successful Rewards and Loyalty Programs are widely used and embraced by all members.


1. Make it Easy to Use.

The easier you make it for your people to participate in your Rewards and Loyalty Program, the more likely they are to use it, and the greater value it will offer as an incentive.


Some ways to achieve this include:​

Ensuring easy
and secure registration
Providing easy access from both Desktop and Mobile platforms
Delivering a wide offering of everyday and lifestyle rewards
Weekly emails, social media and seasonal magazines
Access to online and in-store offers

2. Ensure it’s Fully Supported.


You want your Rewards and Loyalty Program to work, but you don’t want it to make extra work for you or your team.


A Member Rewards and Loyalty platform should offer services such as:

  • Custom-branded memberships

  • Handling of program administration and support

  • Full communications through email, content creation and online

  • Answering all inquiries in a responsive manner

  • Ensuring diverse and inclusive rewards that appeal to a wide cross section of members

  • Frequent addition of new retail brands and offers

  • Coordinating membership surveys and gathering data on your behalf

  • Facilitating special member events to promote the program

3. Offer Unique Value.


An incentive is not an incentive if everyone receives it. This is why a Rewards and Loyalty Program should offer members a benefit that is not available to non-members. A strong program will offer savings at a variety of price points. Savings should range from tens to hundreds to thousands of dollars off.

4. Offer Something for Everyone.


Your members are diverse. They have different tastes, interests, wants, needs, loves, likes and desires. As such, your Rewards and Loyalty Program must appeal to a wide audience and provide something that most members will find of value.

food and beverage
clothing and accessories
health and wellness
auto dealers and services
hotel rooms

5. Promote Your Program.



A Rewards and Loyalty Program isn’t something you introduce, check off on your 'Loyalty and Engagement Best Practices' list and forget about. It is important to work hard to remind your group of the great value your program offers. Think of different ways you can promote your program such as, newsletters, websites, posters, social media and more.

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