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The BOOM Solution

BOOM builds brand awareness and delivers a flow of customers to our Retail Brand Partners through our multi-tiered loyalty platform.


The BOOM Loyalty and Rewards Platform uniquely and successfully connects retail brands in multiple sectors to BOOM’s highly engaged and loyal community of targeted, high-value, consumer Members.

Retail brands are able to target and connect with 
tens of thousands of consumer Members from some of Canada's Top Employers, Unions and Professional Associations.


Enjoy a unique combination of flexibility, tracking and frequency to help build acquisition and retention of your customers through web, mobile, email, social and more.





The BOOM platform makes it possible for brands, like you, to advertise and reward purchasing behaviour in a way that is targeted and connects you with a highly valuable and engaged audience.

Who is this for?

Diverse sectors - hospitality, auto dealers and automotive services, attractions and entertainment, electronics and consumer goods, home decor/lifestyle, food and beverage - BOOM’s Loyalty and Rewards platform will work to build your business.

The BOOM Loyalty and Rewards Platform

 A Powerful Solution


Nearly 100,000 adult consumers. BOOM members are highly engaged with the platform. High open rate of weekly emails.  


Promote and track multiple promotions within the BOOM platform. Measure conversion with your own point of sale system.


Change your offer frequently, promote new services or products, try different types of promotions to drive the best conversion.


Multiple packages available which include 365 days of exposure that are affordable to local and national retailers.


We do all the work for you! Starting with all the creative, to fully promoting your brand in our members only platform, mobile app and direct email campaigns!


BOOM have been successfully delivering consumers to retailers like you for many years! Check out a few of our testimonials below.

"Working with BOOM is a real breath of fresh air. The non-pushy and honest manner in which they communicate is always appreciated and feels like a true partnership."

Banff Mount Norquay

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