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3 Home Renovations You Must Share With Your Home Insurer

Are you or a contractor doing upgrades to your home? Adding an accent wall won’t affect your insurance but if you’re doing larger home renovations you might qualify for a lower rate.

Learn which renovation projects you need to let your home insurer know about and how those projects could affect your policy.

  1. Getting a new roof – an old roof is bad for both you and your insurance provider. A new roof will help you to avoid getting soaked figuratively and literally.

  2. Any major renovation (adding an addition or extension) – if you’re changing the structural integrity of your home, you definitely need to know what you’re covered for during construction and afterwards.

  3. Updating the exterior finish of your home – upgrading the material of your home’s exterior can reduce the risk of damage from leaks and storm debris. Although, using a more costly material may mean you need to increase your coverage limit.

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