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7 Ways Adults Can Reap The Benefits Of Reading

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

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You already know that books are fun, but did you know that regular reading is also important for cognitive and emotional well-being?

As adults, we know that having access to books is crucial to kids’ cognitive, social, and empathic development, but many of us don’t realize how reading is important to us grown-ups, too.

In fact, the benefits of reading are broad and long-lasting, even, in some cases, helping us to live longer!

Why Is Reading Important?

From reducing stress and increasing the quality of sleep to slowing down the onset of dementia, the benefits of regularly putting time aside to lose ourselves in a good book are far-reaching and, in some cases, life changing. If we all knew how good regular reading is for us, perhaps we would make fewer excuses not to do it.

Blinkist has put together a comprehensive list of the benefits of reading for adults that will have you putting down your phone and picking up a book in no time.

1. Reading Slows The Progress Of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Mental stimulation is considered one of the pillars of Alzheimer’s prevention.

2. Reading Reduces Stress And Relaxes You

Distraction is a great way to get out of your own head and break a negative thought-cycle. Irrespective of what you’ve chosen to read, a well-written book can transport you to a completely different place, allowing you a little peace from the stresses of daily life.

3. Reading Improves Focus And Concentration

Studies have found that a book or longer piece of text absorbs our entire focus, making it much less likely that we’ll attempt multitasking, or get distracted easily.

4. Reading Can Reduce Depressive Thoughts

Self-help books have been found to help those who suffer from mild mental illness, and those who read spiritual texts have demonstrable lower blood pressure than those who don’t. These types of literature can provide hope and useful tactics to people that they would otherwise not be aware of.

5. Reading makes you more empathetic

It’s thought that by reading about the lives of people who are very different from yourself, your empathy for others naturally increases.

6. Reading improves your general knowledge

It’s an obvious one, but we often forget how much reading improves our general knowledge.

7. Reading boosts sleep quality

Absorbing information and focusing for long periods of time are a workout for your brain, so it’s no wonder we easily drop off to sleep when we’ve been enjoying a good book!

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