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Decoding Consumer Loyalty: Insights from the 2024 Marigold Global Consumer Trends Index

Drawing insights from the comprehensive 2024 Marigold Global Consumer Trends Index, a compelling narrative emerges for retailers and marketers keen on navigating the intricate landscape of consumer preferences.


This year's findings underscore a pivotal shift towards the importance of data privacy and personalization in fostering brand loyalty. Amidst an increasingly skeptical audience, particularly towards social media's trustworthiness, the report highlights an opportunity for brands to deepen customer relationships through direct communication channels like email, SMS, and loyalty programs. The emphasis on zero-party data collection, as third-party cookies phase out, further accentuates the growing consumer demand for transparency and value-driven exchanges for their data. Moreover, the resilience of email marketing, despite the digital evolution, reaffirms its effectiveness in driving purchases, provided messages are personalized and relevant.


For marketers, adapting to these trends means investing in technologies and strategies that respect consumer privacy, personalize interactions, and leverage direct channels to maintain engagement. The report's insights serve as a strategic compass, guiding brands towards building deeper, more meaningful connections with their consumers, ultimately driving loyalty and competitive advantage in a dynamic retail landscape.


As we navigate this year, the insights from the Marigold Global Consumer Trends Index shed light on key strategies for brands aiming to refine their marketing efforts. Below are pivotal takeaways and statistics to guide their approach:


Email Marketing Dominates:

  • Email remains the leading channel for influencing consumer purchases. A remarkable 50% of respondents have made a purchase through email offers in the past year, outperforming social media ads (48%), social posts (43%), SMS/MMS messages (24%), and banner ads (21%).

Quality and Convenience Take Center Stage:

  • Despite economic challenges, 59% of consumers prioritize convenience over price, and 69% value product and service quality above all, highlighting the shift towards value-driven consumerism.

The Power of Personalization:

  • A vast majority (85%) feel that their favourite brands treat them as individuals.

  • 82% believe these brands strive to build a relationship with them, emphasizing the importance of personalization in marketing strategies.

Generational Preferences in Messaging:

  • Brand purpose resonates significantly with younger generations, with 64% of Gen Z and 66% of Millennials engaging with messages about brand purpose, compared to 46% of Baby Boomers.

  • This demographic is also more inclined towards community engagement and exclusive content.

Loyalty is Lucrative:

  • A striking 63% of consumers are willing to spend more with brands they are loyal to, underscoring the importance of customer service, support, and data privacy in maintaining loyalty.

Rising Reliance on Loyalty Programs:

  • There's a notable increase in the reliance on loyalty program benefits, with 43% of consumers turning to these benefits more frequently before making purchases.

  • Engagement with loyalty programs has also surged, with 39% more likely to participate this year.

Creating a Value Exchange:

  • Discounts/coupons (91%), loyalty points/rewards (89%), and early/exclusive access to offers (83%) are top incentives for consumers to share their data, highlighting the need for a tangible value exchange.

Social Media Pessimism:

  • With 63% of consumers distrusting social media ads and 55% reducing their social media engagement for mental health reasons, brands must find alternative, more trustworthy avenues to connect with their audience.


These statistics not only underscore the evolving consumer landscape but also highlight the necessity for brands to adapt by focusing on personalization, quality, and direct engagement. By leveraging these insights, marketers can craft campaigns that resonate deeply with their target audience, fostering loyalty and driving sales in an increasingly competitive market.


To leverage the insights from the Marigold Global Consumer Trends Index, marketers can employ specific strategies to enhance their engagement and loyalty-building efforts:


Implement Segmented Email Campaigns: Use customer data to segment email lists and tailor offers based on past purchase behaviour, preferences, and engagement levels. This personalizes the shopping experience, potentially increasing conversion rates.


Focus on Convenience in UX Design: Optimize your website and mobile app for ease of use, ensuring that the path to purchase is as straightforward as possible. Consider implementing features like one-click ordering or personalized product recommendations to elevate the consumer experience.


Elevate Product Quality and Service: Highlight the quality of your products and excellence in customer service in your marketing messages. Share customer testimonials and case studies as social proof to attract quality-focused shoppers.


Develop Purpose-Driven Campaigns for Younger Audiences: Create content that aligns with your brand's mission and values, especially for engaging Gen Z and Millennials. This could involve initiatives around sustainability, community involvement, or social justice, showcased through social media and other direct channels.


Enhance Loyalty Programs: Offer innovative rewards that go beyond traditional points systems, such as exclusive access to products, personalized discounts, or experiences that reinforce the brand relationship.


Create Value-Driven Data Exchange Opportunities: Clearly communicate the benefits of data sharing to your customers, offering tangible rewards like coupons, exclusive access, or loyalty points in exchange for their information.


Explore Alternative Advertising Channels: With growing skepticism towards social media ads, consider diversifying your marketing mix to include trusted platforms such as podcasts, newsletters, closed user groups, or influencer collaborations that align with your brand values and audience preferences.


For marketers, these insights provide actionable guidance on crafting campaigns that resonate with consumers' evolving preferences, emphasizing the importance of trust, personalization, and quality in building lasting brand loyalty.

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