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Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Featured Article from the 2022 Edition of the BOOM Magazine.

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Canada has some of the most striking landscapes in the world - it’s time to get out there and enjoy it. Below are a few tips to help you plan your next outdoor adventure.

Finding the Perfect Trail

There is an art to finding the perfect trail for your needs and ability. Use tools like AllTrails to help

you plan your next day hike or backpacking trail. Not only will AllTrails help you filter suggestions based on length, elevation gain, and difficulty, it will also help you identify trails with the sort of scenery you prefer, like rivers, waterfalls, or sweeping vistas. AllTrails is also an excellent resource for judging how heavily trafficked a trail might be on a given day and if it is alright to bring Fido along.

Passes & Permits

Most adventures require a bit of red tape. When planning your next outdoor adventure, make sure you check the Parks Canada website to find out if any passes (like the Discovery Pass) or permits are required for your destination. Parks Canada is an excellent resource for purchasing passes and permits, identifying camping and lodging locations, and for updates on camping and hiking advisories.

Safety First

Preparation is key to having a fun and safe adventure, regardless if if you are doing a quick two-mile out and back day hike or tackling a week-long backpacking journey. Always check for fire, animal, and weather advisories before undertaking any outdoor excursion. It is also good practice to always pack the following items, even if you are going on a quick day hike: a compass and printed map, sun protection, layers of clothing appropriate for all possible weather scenarios, a flashlight or headlamp (with extra batteries), a small first aid kit (including first aid items for any pets), tools for making fire (flint and knife or waterproof matches), extra food and water (ideally enough to meet your needs for twice your anticipated trip length), and an emergency shelter.

Be Responsible

To ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy Canada’s beautiful landscapes, we all must enjoy nature responsibly. Always pack out any items you brought with you on the trail, including food waste, trash, and pet excrement. It is also crucial that you always remain on marked trails and only camp in designated areas; this is not only for your safety but also helps to preserve the natural landscape. Finally, obey all signage regarding safety measures, including fire restrictions, animal sightings, and water availability.


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