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Home Organization

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Featured Article from the 2022 Edition of the BOOM Magazine.

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Reorganizing your home can reinvigorate your space. While the old adage suggests you wait for spring, home cleaning and organization can be tackled at any time. Whether you are reorganizing a family home or hoping to be more space-efficient in a studio apartment, the following tips can help you achieve your home organization goals.

Take It Slow

Reorganizing your home can be a daunting task; that is why it is best to start in one place. Think of places in your home where you know reorganization or tidying up would make the most significant difference. These specific areas are great places to get started as they will help you build momentum and sense your accomplishments. Make the task of reorganizing less overwhelming by taking things slowly and working from area to area, room to room. Home organization is a marathon, not a sprint.

Clean as You Go

Start your reorganization process by cleaning the targeted areas. Reorganization is the perfect opportunity to clean your space deeply. Remove all items from closets, cabinets, and shelves. Then give all surfaces some T.L.C, get rid of all the dust and debris, vacuum, and touch up any unsightly areas. While this might feel like more work in the moment, thoroughly cleaning the space will help you better understand how the room is functioning and set you up for success.


While cleaning your targeted spaces, take an inventory of what items you store and use in a given area. Not only will this force you to think about your belongings consciously, but this gives you a sense of what items are necessary for the space and what items might be unneeded. This will also help you identify items that might be worth donating, repurposing, or throwing away.

Identify Underutilized Spaces

A key to reorganizing is finding ways to use space more efficiently. Look for wasted and underutilized spaces in your home. Often these spaces offer untapped storage capacity. Closets and cabinets sometimes lack enough shelving to fit the storage needs of a room. It is not uncommon to find many drawers overly full within kitchens while wall space goes unused for storage. Identifying areas in your home where you could use space more efficiently can quickly help you up your organization game.

Visibility & Accessibility

Finally, remember the power of visibility and accessibility. When reorganizing your home, consider how often you will be using an item when considering where to store it. Items that are used daily should be kept in accessible areas where they can easily be seen. Conversely, things that are used infrequently can be stored in areas that are less accessible. Items that you see more often are more likely to be used, and areas where things are more visible tend to be areas of our homes where we can most benefit from organization.


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