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How Much Water Should I Drink? Hydration Hacks

From BOOM Brand Partner,, is their blog WellBeing, and an article on how to stay hydrated this summer! Click here to view original article, written by Kathy Ribeiro,'s Email & Content Manager.

One of the few things we’d bet most people can agree on? We’re just not getting enough water. Not for lack of knowledge or trying of course — one easy to follow guideline is to take your weight in pounds and aim for half that number (or more) in ounces of water. But knowing how much you should be getting is really just the first step isnt it?

Even having a goal amount in mind, it can be difficult to incorporate enough water into your daily routine. And waiting until we notice the signs of dehydration and guzzling down a few glasses just won’t cut it long term. Below, we’re talking about our top hacks for getting enough water, every day.

The Right Bottle Is Key

Step one of course is to find the right bottle for you. At, we don’t play around with Water Bottles, we know the right bottle can make or break your hydration goals, so we offer the widest variety we could manage to give you plenty of options. Some considerations to take into account are size, width of opening (are you an ice person?), insulation, weight and type of spout, among others. Some of our favourite brands are Hydro Flask, S’well and Yeti because of their wide variety and designs (your bottle’s personality is important!) and superior insulation.

Get A Little Tech Happy

Need a bit more help? Try a smart water bottle! We love Hidrate Spark for the competitive type because it’ll track your intake and let you know when it’s time to drink, urging you to achieve your goal. Another tech bottle worth considering is The LARQ Bottle – the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. It uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle.

Make It More Fun

To spice up the drinking process, we love reaching for flavoured beverages, some of which even contain ingredients that may help support other health goals, like Apple Cider Vinegar, Collagen and more! Few of our favourites include Flow Water, Gldn Hour, La Croix, Kite and Daydream – which is infused with adaptogens for some added relaxation, Viveau & Innate!

Your Water Can Work Harder

If you find yourself not meeting your hydration goals despite your best efforts, make your water work for you with hydration tablets and boosters that have natural flavours, electrolytes, and minerals to help you stay hydrated, even through a sweaty workout. We reach for Ener-C, Vega, Alani Nu and Nuun to flavour and enhance our water. And we’re especially excited for our recent launch of Exclusive, Organika Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen, our new go-to-blend for an instant dose of thirst quenching nutrients and grass-fed bovine collagen. Just add to water and watch it fizz for a light tasting electrolyte-replenishing drink, with 0 grams of sugar.

Click here to view original article, written by Kathy Ribeiro,'s Email & Content Manager.

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