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How To Regrow Veggies From Kitchen Scraps

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Spring is just around the corner, why not get a jump start on that gardening with these fun tips from BOOM Brand Partner HelloFresh.

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We’re all looking for ways to limit our trips to the grocery store. In between getting your HelloFresh box, regrowing simple veggies in your kitchen is a great way to keep your fresh produce stock up, without leaving your house. Apartment friendly and a great activity for kids, regrowing veggies from kitchen scraps is simple! All you need is water, scraps, and sunlight!

Why we’ve been loving regrowing our veggies:

  • It takes very little water – just enough to cover the roots in a small bowl or about 1/4 cup per veggie scrap.

  • You don’t need an outdoor space! You just need a space near a window that has access to sunlight.

  • Saves money and time, because you don’t have to make trips out to the grocery store.

  • Reduces food waste, getting multiple uses out of the same produce!

Whether you’re trying to save money, limit your trips outside, or looking for a fun activity for your kids, regrowing vegetables in your kitchen is super simple and fun! No special equipment or tools needed! Just make sure to keep an eye on their water levels and sun exposure. Check out our favourite veggies to regrow in your own kitchens at home.

FRESH TIP: Check your veggies daily to ensure it doesn’t need more water.

Green Onions

Keep the white part of the onion (and the roots) intact, and place in a little water. You’ll see quick growth and just like that, you have a never-ending supply of fresh, crisp green onions!

Carrot Tops

While you can’t regrow an actual carrot, you can regrow the carrot tops and those tops are great in many recipes! Just place the end of a carrot in a shallow bowl of water (cut side down) and watch them grow. Harvest the greens as they grow and add them to pestos, salads, and risottos.

Bok Choy

Cut off the bottom inch of the bok choy bunch and place it in a small bowl or jar of water. You will start to see new growth fairly quickly in about 1-2 days, with lots more in just a week!


Cut off the bottom 2-3 inches of the bunch and place it in a cup of water. Like celery, you’ll start to see new growth from the centre in just a few days. Just cut as it grows and add to your cooking as needed.


Lettuce is one of the easier veggies to grow from scraps. Instead of composting the butt of your lettuce bunch, simply place it in a bowl or jar with a little bit of water at the bottom and keep it somewhere with sunlight. You’ll see growth very quickly and you’ll be halfway to a delicious salad.


Just cut off the bottom 2 inches of the entire stalk and place it in a small bowl of water. You will start to see new growth from the center in 3-4 days. Growing an entire stalk takes time, but you can use it early for flavouring your favourite dishes like soups and stews.

Whether it’s a dinner recipe for two or the whole family, skip a trip to the grocery store and cook a great meal without ever leaving your kitchen thanks to our 5 easy pantry recipes that you can use your regrown veggies in!

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