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80% of employees want benefits or perks more than they want a pay raise?

Employee & Member Rewards


Corporations, unions and associations, you are always looking for ways to increase recruitment, loyalty, engagement and retention. Rewards are a proven solution.

Member Rewards, Benefits and Perks are an integral part of an organization’s full value proposition.

We are delighted to share what we have learned on how to select the best rewards program and actionable steps in this free, downloadable guide:

Download A Complete Guide: How to Choose a Winning Rewards Program
Drive Recruitment
Support Retention
Build Loyalty
Boost Engagement
Create a Sense
of Belonging

BOOM delivers a fully managed Member Rewards and Loyalty Platform.

​BOOM has a growing membership with tens of thousands members who enjoy the many amazing perks, rewards and benefits BOOM has to offer. Our platform delivers a valuable program for any size business, union or association.


BOOM has something for everyone, from home and auto insurance, home décor, hotels, car rentals, attractions, electronics, apparel and so much more.

BOOM has hundreds of amazing offers, from top brands such as these:

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What Our Partners Have to Say

"Our company has been a member of BOOM for almost 9 years. I like that it is online and easy for me to use and there's no pressure to purchase."


Member Company Since 2012

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