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6 Green Home & Car Tips For Spring

Guest blog from BOOM Brand Partner Sonnet Insurance

In Canada, spring marks the transition from ice and snow to a season of new beginnings. As the buds start to sprout on the trees, you’ll probably start planning your spring home and auto maintenance to do list. Before you get started, think of how you can be more mindful of the planet by making a few simple changes.

Here are some easy ideas to help you to incorporate sustainability at home and on the road.

Sustainable home updates to reduce your carbon footprint

  • Switch to LED light bulbs to save energy

  • Add caulking around windows and doors to fix air leaks

  • Install a low-flow showerhead to save water

Fuel-efficient driving techniques that are eco-friendly

  • Keep your tires properly inflated

  • Remove unnecessary weight like a roof rack (when not in use) and anything heavy from your trunk

  • Observe the speed limit

Read the full list of sustainable home and auto maintenance tips that you can start doing now from Sonnet Insurance. Ready to do your part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Even small changes to everyday actions can have a big impact on the Earth. Whether you decide to consciously recycle or avoid excessive idling in your car – it all adds up. When in doubt, think green!

Reminder! One more thing to add to your spring to do list is saving on your home and auto insurance. Get your exclusive discount as a BOOM Member today. Log in to learn more.

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