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Case Study Feature: Crowfoot Wine & Spirits

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

A family owned and operated liquor business since 1994, Crowfoot Wine & Spirits has nine locations in the Calgary area.

We recently spoke with DJ Richardson, a Director with Crowfoot Wine & Spirits.

What are your biggest challenges in connecting with consumers?

We are working on outreach and on engaging with people by growing our presence across various social media platforms.

We want to let more people know about our locations and about the quality of the liquor we carry. One story we want to talk about is how all Crowfoot staff go through a 12-level wine and spirit training program. This means our staff can help customers select wines to pair with specific meals — and maybe even encourage them to try something new and different.

How are you letting people know this expertise is available to them?

We are sharing this information in a number of ways, including our store flyer. We know our staff’s expertise is filling a gap in Alberta’s retail liquor services, so we’re working to tell that story through a range of different channels.

What’s your biggest advertising challenge?

Currently, we are learning about tracking data so that we can determine which social media platforms are working for us.

Why did you choose to work with BOOM?

BOOM offers the kind of outreach we need and gives us access to a large, loyal, engaged base of high-value consumers.

The multi-tier approach provided by BOOM includes a diverse range of online channels that help us get our message out, including the BOOM website, their mobile app, weekly emails, blog posts and social media.

Recently BOOM has added live events, and we were excited to co-host a live online winetasting event with them.

All of these BOOM services ensure Crowfoot is consistently in front of a highly valuable audience.

Is advertising with BOOM effective for you?

Yes! We find advertising with BOOM brings us consistent conversion among new and repeat customers — our stores definitely have a large following amongst BOOM Members.

And, when we market through BOOM, we can easily track the results and see our success. We offer a unique offer that is available to BOOM Members only. Members can redeem this offer easily in-store at our cash desk. This works in two ways, because it gives Members a great experience and lets us track each sale to monitor our success.

Last but not least, the BOOM team brings us great business and creative expertise. They help us plan effective promotions and their graphic design team creates the professional marketing and promotional materials we need. It lifts a lot of work off our plates.

Do you have any tips for other retail brands to be as successful as Crowfoot has been with BOOM?

The first thing is to offer BOOM Members a simple, consistent discount that is easy to redeem. For example, Crowfoot offers a 15% discount — exclusively for BOOM Members — that is live all the time.

Remember to educate your staff so that when a BOOM Member arrives at the till, your team knows what the offer is and how to redeem it.

Keep your BOOM offer unique and integrate it into your Point of Sale, if possible — that makes it easy for your employees to find and also helps with tracking the success of your offer. It’s hard to track a specific promotion if everyone gets it.

Finally, use the BOOM platform to share information about your business, and to educate consumers about your expertise and the quality of your product or service.

Working with BOOM has been a great experience. We’re looking forward to more opportunities for working together and promoting the Crowfoot brand to their consumer base.

Want to learn more about becoming a BOOM Brand? Click here!

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