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BOOM Group Announces Launch of BOOM Travel

BOOM Group Inc., one of Canada’s leading employee and member rewards platforms, is pleased to announce the launch of BOOM Travel. Through BOOM Travel and our trusted travel partners, we are bringing great prices and offers on flights, hotels, cruises, resorts, and car rentals around the world.

As a leader in the rewards sector, BOOM has an extensive membership base of tens of thousands consumers. This will benefit BOOM Travel partners as it gives them access to an affluent and engaged group that is looking for exclusive experiences.

We have partnered with the best travel brands around the world to provide our BOOM Members with an extensive selection of incredible travel options:

Flights – Over 700 Destinations worldwide

Cruises – Cunard, Princess, Seabourne, Holland America and more

Resorts – Vidanta, El Cid, Karma

Leading Hotels around the globe

The trusted travel partners chosen for BOOM Travel are carefully selected to ensure the best Member experiences and customer satisfaction.

Combining our hundreds of brand offers that provide Member discounts on lifestyle categories such as home and garden, wellness, clothing and accessories, electronics, food and beverage, insurance and, so much more, with affordable travel, courtesy of BOOM Travel, BOOM is now a one-stop shopping experience.

BOOM Travel is easy to use, enabling Members to quickly find and book their unforgettable travel experiences with our trusted partners. Members will be able to save both time and money.

BOOM Members are looking for ways to explore and experience different places and cultures around the world. With BOOM Travel, they are now able to access offers and discounts from partners around the globe. Whether they are looking for a relaxing beach vacation, adventurous treks through the mountains, a cruise to exciting ports of call or a stay in a luxury hotel or resort - BOOM Travel has something for everyone.

For More Information Contact:

Laureen Regan

President, Boom Group Inc.

About BOOM Group Inc.

The BOOM platform powers the leading membership rewards and loyalty program, enabling member companies to engage, grow, and create unique experiences for their Members. With BOOM, hundreds of brands are able to connect and engage with our tens of thousands of high value Members.

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