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Four Ways Unions Can Create Member Engagement

Union membership is one of the most powerful ways for workers to ensure their rights and create great working conditions. But without high engagement, retention and new members, unions can reach only so far.

This article outlines four ways that can help unions expand their influence and impact while increasing engagement, retention and attracting new members. With these tactics, unions can be stronger and more successful on behalf of their valuable members.

1. Use Technology to Increase Union Visibility & Participation

Technology has revolutionized the way unions operate, allowing them to reach a larger and more diverse audience. With the help of digital organizing platforms and union tech tools, unions can now engage their members in online labor activism and increase their visibility.

These tools allow unions to quickly reach out to their members, organize campaigns, share information, and mobilize support for important causes. They also provide an opportunity for union leaders to connect with workers all over the world and build relationships that can last over time. By leveraging technology, unions are able to strengthen their presence in the workplace and create an environment where workers’ voices are heard.

2. Educate to Increase Member Engagement

Unions are using education to increase engagement among their members. Through union-organized events and labor education programs, unions are providing resources that help members stay informed and engaged in the labor movement. Union education also helps members understand their rights as workers and how to advocate for themselves in the workplace.

By utilizing these resources, unions can ensure that their members are aware of the issues that affect them and have a better understanding of how they can make a difference. Union education is an important tool for unions to ensure that their membership is engaged and well-informed about labor issues.

3. Leverage Social Media and Advocacy Platforms To Connect with Members

Social media and advocacy platforms have become incredibly powerful tools for unions to effectively communicate and build strong relationships with their members. They provide a platform for unions to share updates on current campaigns, mobilize members to take action and educate members about their rights in the workplace.

These platforms provide an avenue for unions to collect feedback from their members, allowing them to better understand the needs of their membership. By leveraging these platforms, unions can engage with their members on a more personal level, create campaigns to support their causes, and even encourage members to take action.

4. Increase Member Engagement with Member Benefits and Rewards

Member Benefits are rewards and incentives provided to members of a union. These benefits can range from discounts on products or services to exclusive access to events or activities.

  • Member Benefits help unions increase member engagement, retention, and loyalty by providing members with tangible rewards for their participation in the union.

  • They also give members a sense of belonging and appreciation for their involvement in the union, which can help them stay engaged over time.

  • Member Benefits can be used as incentives to encourage new members to join the union and existing members to remain loyal.

By offering valuable rewards, unions can create an environment of trust and loyalty with their valuable members.

Partnering with a loyalty and rewards program can be an excellent way to reward members for their ongoing loyalty. By leveraging the expertise, already existing offers, and technology built into the program, you can quickly create communications structures and manage member questions in an efficient manner. This would help save on time, money and resources while still providing members with rewards they appreciate.


Union leaders are facing the challenge of increasing member engagement, loyalty and relevance in order to remain successful. In order to do this, they must look for ways to increase engagement and attract new members. These tactics will help union leaders increase engagement, retention and attract new members and help unions become more successful and relevant in today's world.

Unions play an important role in protecting the rights of workers and providing economic stability for employees. With the help of innovative tactics such as leveraging digital strategies, modernizing approaches and providing valuable rewards, unions can remain relevant and successful in today’s dynamic environment.

Are you looking for more engagement in your group? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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