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How Your Offers Impact Consumers

Updated: May 14, 2021

So, you’ve come up with a great promotion (or series of promotions) to run in a Member Loyalty and Rewards program that you’ve carefully selected. The design looks great, you've indicated your expected ROI for the campaign, it’s trackable so you can monitor your return and you’ve scheduled the campaign for a set period of time. All that is left to do is press ‘Go’! Or is it?

What happens when your potential customer arrives (either in-store or online) to take advantage of your great offer? Have you considered your customer’s journey from seeing and interacting with your great promotion to arriving at the till?

Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

Does the offer have real value for the customer? You don’t necessarily need to offer a deep discount, however, a percentage off of a product or service that is off-season or old inventory may not attract new and return customers and deliver a return that you would like.

Is the offer unique? Imagine you are reading the promotional details from the customer's perspective (a percentage off/BOGO/Value Add). The offer should be unique, not only so you can track it, but also because an offer that can be found in multiple channels, is devalued and has no urgency in the eyes of your customer and they may not bother to take advantage and use it.

Is the redemption process laid out and simple to use? For example, ‘Simply show your membership card at the till’ or ‘Enter this unique code’ is clear and concise.

Remember, the more steps there are to redeem, the less likely they will take advantage of your great offer.

Now, here is where customers often have a challenge in benefiting from Loyalty and Rewards programs. The customer arrives at the location, selects the product or service, arrives at the till and BAM – the staff member at your store says – ‘I have never heard of that offer’ (or worse, they do it with a sneer or shrug).

Well, we’ve all been there. We get all excited that we are going to save on an exciting purchase, make the effort to redeem and then they need to ‘prove’ there is a valid offer. I’m sure you’ll agree, it doesn’t make for a great experience or encourage the customer to return. And Loyalty programs are all about repeat business from your target consumers.

Take the time to communicate and educate your team on the various Loyalty programs you are participating in and the specific offers available. Make sure you post details in the staff room, in a binder by the till and wherever else works for your business so they all have the information at their fingertips. Include updates in your weekly huddle or internal meetings.

Spend some time with your staff letting them know that this shopper is a potential lifelong customer based on the experience they are going to have upon arrival.

Find out how BOOM can help your business provide valuable offers to your consumers!

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