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5 Ways to Increase Member Reward Usage

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Organizations of all types are aware of how important it is to have a diverse, total rewards package. Whether they are a corporation, union or association, they are all looking for ways to engage and reward their groups to drive increased recruitment, loyalty, engagement and retention.

An effective ​member ​rewards and loyalty program should be robust and comprehensive enough to have ​offers that would appeal to the large majority of a group. ​The program should provide access to savings on large items, like home and auto insurance, vehicles, electronics, computers, etc. and those frequent purchases like movie tickets, gifts, health and wellness, apparel, restaurants and more.

With a wide range of products and services available to the members, both in store and online, a program is more likely to be appreciated and used by the members - thereby providing the intended benefit while driving support for recruitment, retention, engagement and loyalty.

Even the most attractive reward programs need to be kept top of mind.

Simply posting a link to a website won’t ​always be effective when there is a diverse member base - both demographically and geographically.

Some ​members are not at their computers every day, some are accessing through their smart phones, while others rely on an email reminder. Access to the rewards and loyalty program should be made as easy as possible for most members, regardless of their location, device or time of day they are using the reward program.

Here are some simple, yet proven, ways to connect your members with their rewards and loyalty program and support engagement and usage:

1. Website

Create a website that has all the promotions in one place. Keep the content current, timely and up to date (expired promotions will stop people from checking back).

2. Mobile App

Connecting with your members wherever they are and whenever they want will build usage. If your organization is unable to invest in the development of a mobile app, ensure the website is mobile responsive.

3. Consistent Email

Highlight a variety of promotions at a range of price points and items. Send the email consistently (BOOM sends an email 1x/week, for example).

4. Awareness Promotions and Posters

Using a variety of sample deals and promotions, design and distribute/post in locations where your members will see them and be reminded of the benefits of the program.

5. Magazine

Having great content on lifestyle topics from the participating retailers, members will get useful information and value from the content, while being reminded of the promotions they have access to.

One final item - but important action to take - is the need to ensure that the retailers, offering promotions and discounts to your members, are advising staff of the promotions and that members may be coming into their locations to redeem.

As in any marketing, building awareness and keeping a program top of mind is key to the success. We have built a platform that takes care of all these details for our member companies as part of their journey with BOOM. We hope you find this information, based on our experiences, helpful.

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