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Leading Through A Crisis

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Constantly maintaining high engagement and remaining positive within a group can be challenging, but add in a global pandemic, and things can get even more complex.

Amid a second wave of infections and regulated shut-downs world-wide, business owners and team/group leaders continue to experience new obstacles every day. With a record number of people continuing working from home due to COVID-19 — and with delays in vaccinations and a rise in variant strains of the virus — people may be feeling disconnected and negative about the current situation.

During a crisis, it is vital for businesses and organization leaders to connect with their teams and show their support.

So, how do they keep group members feeling engaged and positive through a crisis such as COVID-19?

Here are 5 suggestions to support engagement:

1. Host weekly virtual coffee meetings with your group

A weekly coffee meeting offers people the chance to stay connected and involved while working from home. Regardless of the size of the group, it should be a time for individuals to express concerns and share how they are coping with the changes in their world.

2. Provide employees with needed resources

Support for your employees/group members may mean different things for different groups. Ensure they have the materials and resources they need to be successful, while at home. This could include efficiency tools such as task management websites and video conferencing tools.

3. Maintain a schedule with some flexibility

In this new working environment, flexibility is key to ensuring individual and team success. While some may want to maintain a normal work schedule, others may need some time during the day to address family needs. Understanding that needs vary and providing the structure to address these varying ways of working will ensure everyone’s success.

4. Ensure individuals are communicating with someone at least once a day

Those who are at home alone may need to feel supported through regular contact. Moving from consistent interaction to absolutely no interaction with colleagues may make a person feel very isolated. Ensure that each member has a point of contact every day.

5. Stay positive and optimistic, yourself!

A leader who stays positive sets the tone for the rest of the team. Take the necessary steps to ensure team leaders maintain a healthy, supportive and positive attitude.

With regular connection and encouragement from leadership, your teams will feel safe, successful and motivated to work through any crisis.

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