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Redefining How We Connect With Consumers

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Now that retailers have begun to reopen, connecting with customers is the top priority. It needs to start with building confidence in the consumer around what a retailer is doing to keep consumers and staff safe and how to shop safely at a particular location.

What can you tell them about the changes they can expect and how are you protecting them when they are shopping at your location? Clarity is vital to help address consumer concerns and build confidence in their decision to return to your location.

Redefining The Customer Experience

While many things have reopened, we are seeing that customers are not necessarily rushing back to stores. Consumers have changed the way they shop. They still are eager to purchase from and experience their favourite brands, but they are being cautious ​about returning to their previous shopping behaviours.

We have seen many retailers have been able to attract customers throughout the shut down. It took a few weeks to pivot, but out of necessity, they found unique and creative ways to deliver their products and services and address health concerns that are now very familiar to consumers. Here are some innovative solutions we saw:

  • Online Shopping – Delivered To Your Door

  • Curbside Pickup – Click and Collect

  • Appointment Based Shopping

  • Experience Based Services (online wine tasting, cooking classes)

These successful examples, and others, hold the key to rebuilding and growing a customer base in this new landscape. Whether they are a restaurant, grocery store, clothing or car repair, businesses need to leverage consumers new purchasing habits. By thinking completely differently about not only meeting customer needs, but what they are offering to customers, retailers will be able to attract and retain customers.

Connecting To Consumers

Leading retailers, whether single or multiple location, have focused on increasing their level of communications to their audiences using all available channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, advertising and online web content. Through consistent content and engagement, they are informing consumers of what is happening in their business, what their future plans are for service offerings and reopening (even if it is to say ​what is planned) and driving sales of their products and services.

There have been many success stories to celebrate. We have seen updates and content on innovative approaches to sharing new products or services that are now available, quick changes for new menu items or opening hours, unique experiences being created and delivered and live events that are informative and entertaining.

Connecting to customers through consistent communications provides a clear understanding of what a business is offering during times of change. It gives them an opportunity to showcase and highlight services, products and unique experiences that customers can expect when they engage with the retail brands. It brings the opportunity to gain customers, drive repeat business and grow.

BOOM's Retail Brand Partners represent a wide range of over 100 retailers - both local and national. The BOOM Platform connects them with our 120,000 consumer Members through a proven, multi-channel platform. Want to explore how we can bring your customers? Call us at 403-441-8800 or email . You can also learn more here!

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