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Technology Tips For Working Remotely

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

By: David Rabin, Vice President, Global Commercial Marketing, Lenovo

In March 2020, research by smart tech company Lenovo found that, of employees working from home in five countries — the US, Italy, Germany, China and Japan — 71% feel they have access to the technology they need.

Especially during these disruptive times, technology can enable us to keep moving forward. Here are some tips on how to use technology to make working from home effective.

Stay flexible and connected through portable technology.  When working from home, the new form-factors and easily portable laptops and mobile workstations allow you to move with your laptop in hand from a desk, to a chair, sofa or kitchen island, so you can stay active. Staying active makes you more engaged and efficient while you use these technologies to fuel your work.

Leverage productivity and collaboration tools. Consider productivity enhancers like a monitor, webcam and collaboration tools, such as a headset or conferencing tool​. If you are used to having two monitors, your laptop and a larger monitor at work, you should consider duplicating this set-up at home.

Video is key to the remote working environment. Video enables employees to feel connected and avoid that feeling of isolation typically reported when working from home.

Enhanced visibility through collaboration tools. We can use personal collaboration devices or PCs that are enhanced with collaboration software platforms. If you fear losing your visibility among colleagues or worry that you’ll feel isolated, take advantage of Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, or other video-conferencing tools.

Encourage flexible work schedules. Colleagues may be juggling work and home responsibilities. Starting and ending work at the same time each day will help you separate professional and personal time.  At the same time, be flexible, understanding that others might be working from home as well.  This is where an extra pair of noise-cancelling headphones could come in nicely.

Communicate often as this might be the new norm. Clear and open communication is vital during these transitional periods and new ways must be found to collaborate with teams while working remotely.

Technology capabilities had already ushered in a new global workforce that stays connected in a work-from-anywhere world.  Since 2005, the regular work-at-home population has grown 159% and is still trending up. 

This confirms that the investment employers are making in technology, right now, won’t be wasted as most people feel productive at home and believe that the workforce will continue to move more in this direction.

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