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Tricks Of The Trade: Looking Your Best For Online Meetings

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

BOOM recently interviewed TV Beauty Expert, Karen Malcolm, to teach us tricks of the trade on looking our best for online meetings.

Many companies are not permitting travel and they're not allowing their employees to have in-person meetings. They are asking and encouraging their teams to stay safe by conducting virtual meetings.

However, you still need to 'arrive' at your meetings in a professional way, even when your meetings are 'on camera' rather than 'in person'.

Here are some great ideas and ways to represent yourself, in the best way possible, for all those virtual meetings:

What are some ideas on how to dress for virtual meetings that will give a good impression?

When it comes to wardrobe for women, dresses are great as they are comfortable, and you don't have to worry about standing up or repositioning yourself.

I like to recommend patterns. Patterns can be a really great way to brighten up your image and give you a little bit more detail. It’s just something that's really pleasing to the eye and it looks polished and professional.

For men, a plaid shirt with some colouring is a great option. Pink and orange are great colours for summer months. It's important to make sure that you are wearing proper bottoms as well. Keep in mind people are only getting a portion of your body in a virtual meeting.

Showing up dressed for work, even virtually, can really make a difference in your mental health. It’s important to continue to wash your hair, shower and do your make up. If you’re not going to be working every day, don’t feel like you have to dress up - take a break.

What are some of the common dressing mistakes you see people make when they're on virtual calls?

When it comes to this type of online technology, it's really important to wear something you feel good in because that translates on camera.

With your hair, you don't want it to be a wild mess or to look like you haven't brushed it. It takes a few minutes to run your fingers through your hair and use a little product. It can help to watch yourself in a video and make sure that you're looking your very best and polished. 

What are ways a person participating in a virtual call online can show they are engaged in the discussion?

When you come into your meetings, you need to be prepared. It all comes down to preparation and understanding that this virtual work is the same as in-person work. You always want to be prepared and look professional.

Be present as if it were an in-person meeting. It's important to ensure that your focus remains on the person you're meeting with. Remember that they can see you, so make sure that you’re not scrolling through your phone or computer screen.

Being present and really paying attention and being engaged with the person that you're chatting with is essential for a successful virtual meeting. 

Do you have any quick ways we can refresh our look and show up at our best for online meetings?

There are so many great stores where you can purchase underpinnings. Underpinnings are thin layers that you wear under cardigans or jackets. You may be wearing these a lot more while working from home. 

Take this time to refresh your image, go out there and have some fun and feel good!

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To watch the full interview with Karen, click here!

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