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How To Rebuild & Engage Your Team Today

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

A lot of things have changed in the past year, including the need for how we approach and engage our employees and members. The old options are simply no longer viable or relevant. Going back to “normal” is no longer an option.

Rebuilding company culture and relationships after this crisis is an opportunity. It provides the chance for us all to reevaluate our approaches, forge new bonds and build new habits - all of which can greatly benefit individuals, teams and organizations moving forward.

Show Appreciation and Communicate

Perhaps the first step in rebuilding teams during this transition period is to show appreciation. Acknowledge that this has been a difficult time, that many individuals may feel anxious about returning to work or what the future holds.

Creating an environment that welcomes open communication is important to building a team, so prioritize having open lines of communication and encourage employees to be more upfront regarding their fears, concerns, goals and needs.

Communication should flow the other way as well, as you should be showing appreciation for your team and individuals throughout this process. Recognize individual and collaborative contributions to not only help individuals continue to feel appreciated and valued, but also to help celebrate the accomplishments people have been able to achieve in the face of this crisis.

It is no small feat that people have been able to continue to meet goals and grow and this is worth acknowledging and is a great step in rebuilding teams.

"It is no small feat that people have been able to continue to meet goals and grow and this is worth acknowledging and is a great step in rebuilding teams."

Bring Humanity Back

Work to reestablish culture through relationships. Recognize that this transition period will require grace, patience and understanding. We are all in uncharted territory.

Work to bring humanity back into the workplace, listen and respond to the needs and concerns of employees or members. This time requires flexibility as well, as not only are restrictions and guidelines often changing, but expectations and goals will also likely require reevaluation. Organizations need to:

  • Be flexible to hybrid modes of working, and open to changing as needed to meet different situations.

  • Create spaces for your employees to reconnect, be that through casual meetings, events or activities.

  • Encourage employees to redevelop their own bonds, perhaps by encouraging intraoffice clubs and groups.

  • Find ways to incorporate virtual and in-person options, so everyone can be included.

Employees and members need to feel like the environment allows for everyone to be included, regardless if they are working from home or have returned to the office.

"Team rebuilding after this health crisis need not be daunting."

Team rebuilding after this health crisis need not be daunting. This transition period brings the opportunity for rethinking and revisiting company culture, goals and relationships. Now is the time for companies and teams to consider new approaches and reevaluate old habits as we build the “new normal”.

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Jane Hill
Jane Hill
Nov 04, 2021

The pandemic instills fear in all of us. Excitement and stress are exactly those emotions that are absolutely not needed at work, but now we are facing off. Now HR managers, employees, and management should be more loyal to each other, and try to avoid any conflicts. I think our company has developed excellent software that will help companies get through this difficult period.

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