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9 Tips For A Better Sleep

You deserve the best rest you can get. With these top sleep tips for your mind, body, and bedroom, you can look forward to longer and lovelier slumbers.

Getting healthier sleep is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a healthier life. Having a bad rest can affect every part of your day, from your productivity to your general mood, and it’s easy to fall into terrible sleeping patterns if you don’t think about what’s causing you to sleep poorly.

With this in mind, you should absolutely be putting time into improving the quality of your sleep. These nine sleep tips for your environment, mind, and body at night will help you get the snooze you deserve, and ensure that you wake up feeling well-rested and ready to take on the day!

Perfect Places To Rest Your Head

  1. Don’t Be Too Hot, Don’t Be Too Cold Falling asleep becomes a challenge if you’re too hot or too cold, as you’ll either need to bundle yourself up or keep throwing your covers off. The best sleeping temperature is around 17-18°C.

  2. Don’t Let The Light In Even when it’s dark outside, your room might not always be as dark as you need it. Your brain will naturally want to stay awake if it’s bright out, and it needs time in the dark to begin generating melatonin 一 the sleep hormone! 一 to help you enter deeper states of sleep.

  3. Love A Little Weight Many people love to sleep with some extra weight on top of them. The right amount can alleviate insomnia or late-night anxieties keeping you awake, and give you a warm sensation of being held or hugged, causing you to fall asleep far deeper and much faster than under a light layer or cover.

Put Your Mind At Ease

  1. Find Some Songs To Sleep With Your brain hardly just shuts off when you go to sleep, so having some music playing at night can make winding down far easier. Songs with lyrics might risk waking you up, but gentle nature noises and instrumental music can create a more pleasing background for falling asleep in.

  2. Your Phone Can Wait Until Tomorrow As mentioned earlier, your brain won’t be able to fall asleep if you’ve got too much light shining in. This is what makes using electronics in bed quite dangerous, as most LED screens give stronger lights at closer distances than most standard light bulbs, and even natural sunlight. If you want or need to use your devices late, always lower the brightness (or put it on ‘night mode’). Otherwise, it’s strongly recommended that you put your devices away an hour before bed.

  3. Get Your Thoughts Out Making sure your mind is at ease is only the beginning to getting a better sleep. If you find yourself overthinking late at night about the day ahead or the day you just had, it’s hard to relax, and any thoughts in your head will only get worse if you’re feeling poorly rested. One of the healthiest ways to keep stressful thoughts out is to get them out, either with friends or by yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable talking through your thoughts with others, try writing them in a journal in short, clear sentences, so that you can look back on them after a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Is A Full-Body Experience

You might think sleep is about giving your body a rest, but sometimes your body will simply refuse to enter a restful state! Thankfully, there are several things you can do (and some to avoid!) for your body to get it set for sleep.

  1. Watch What You Consume Before Bed Food or drink before bed might seem nice, but be careful not to ingest something that will get in the way of your rest. The key things you should avoid consuming before bed are stimulants like pop and coffee, which perk you up before leaving a heavy crash that’s hard to sleep through. At the same time, you should also avoid liquids like alcohol and tea, since they can wake you up for frequent trips to the washroom. Healthier foods before bed can be much more beneficial, such as fresh fruits like kiwis that can even help produce happiness hormones!

  2. Soft Scents Lead To Sounder Sleeps Your sense of smell is one of your body’s most powerful tools, and it’s just as valuable when it comes to getting a good sleep. Gentle aromas like lavender, bergamot, chamomile, and more can activate the pleasure centers in your brain that produce sleep and happiness hormones.

  3. Get Dressed Up For Lying Down The last thing you can do for your body to help it get ready for sleep is to dress it in clothes that you’ll never wear anywhere else. Putting on special sleeping clothes helps your body recognize it’s time for rest – whether it’s a nice set of pyjamas or an oversized shirt from an old concert.

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