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Online Shopping Safety Tips

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Online shopping has existed probably longer than we think. Remember the Sears catalogue? That essentially was our first taste of “online” shopping. You would leaf through the catalogue, find an item you wanted, called the 1-800 number provided and presto, your item would be delivered.

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Today, we are living in the age of digital buying as online shopping is a commonplace for 1.8 billion people worldwide. It is becoming one of the most preferred means of purchasing, but it also has its fair share of risks. Although the convenience element is present, the internet can be very dangerous. By being a smart online shopper, you can stay safe while reaping the benefits of online shopping. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe:

  • Start by dealing with companies or individuals that you know by reputation or experience.

  • Never give out your social insurance number, driver’s license number or date of birth to a seller.

  • Look for a privacy policy.

  • Payment methods should be concrete and secure. Do not pay by sending cash, money transfers or money orders.

  • Refrain from using public access internet such as an internet cafe or library. Any internet connection that anyone can connect to is not considered safe. Your home computer is the safest.

  • A broken key or open padlock symbol in your internet browser means the connection is not secure and could be intercepted by a third party. When the key is complete or the padlock is locked, your browser is indicating a secure transaction.

  • Always remember if it sounds too good to be true it likely is.

  • Monitor your bank and credit card statements on-line throughout the month.

  • Change your passwords regularly and use different passwords for different sites.

  • Consider using an email address specifically for online shopping.

Remember while shopping online, simply trust your instincts! If a site seems suspicious to you, don’t shop there.

For further information check out this informative website provided by the RCMP:

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